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Jun 15, 2017

Revenue Results

Knowing your players’ preferences makes all the difference
By Dave Bontempo, published in Global Gaming Magazine, June 2017

Know thy customer. It is a near-biblical gaming mantra, conceived at the base of casino operations. Properties must know their players’ drink preference, commuting distance, frequency of occupancy and the incentives realm keeping them engaged.

It’s a slippery, multibillion-dollar slope. Too many comps shrivel margins, while too few enhance one’s competitors. Stakes are magnified by the powerful new presence of merged resorts.

Revenue management systems have thus become more valuable, even priceless. Their targeted information helps hotels and casinos merge functions under the large corporate umbrella. Hotels can still segment customers as regular or business travelers, and, with the help of data, match discounts with certain nights of the week. Casinos can still delineate high-end players, low-stakes patrons, slots players and table-game players, to find a promotional sweet spot.


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