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Sep 08, 2017

Why Mobile POS and Guest Data are Top IT Initiatives

The hospitality industry is second only to healthcare in its adoption of handheld device technology. At first glance, this adoption could be explained by reliable revenue increases resulting from the untethered POS. Significant revenue lifts have occurred and it’s not unlikely for properties to report 15%, 20% and even as much as 40% growths during their busiest periods.

In addition to revenue growth, properties boast about entirely new revenue streams. The freedom and flexibility of mobile POS translates to guest service in places that previously were inaccessible or too infrequent to justify a stationary POS setup. Whether it’s accepting a credit card, engaging a room charge or redeeming loyalty rewards, hoteliers have more opportunities to provide just the right service to guests wherever they are, and whenever they desire. 


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