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Apr 19, 2018

How technology is transforming hotel point-of-sale systems

Technology is allowing for an extreme and pronounced change in point-of-sale systems. What used to be about operational efficiency is now all about the guest experience. Technology has transformed point of sale into point of experience, said Mike Hinojosa, senior director of product management at Agilysys.

“Hotels can spend millions of dollars on a remodel but if they don’t have the right point of experience, it can still result in a one- or two-star rating,” he said. “Of all the POS technology, mobile is the most accessible, real and not futuristic. Mobile is now.”

Mobile POS provides several benefits for hotels and guests alike. With mobile POS, the speed of service is dramatically increased because the staff can bring mobile ordering directly to guests, anywhere on property. “Your staff are now your brand ambassadors—they are the face of the property and can give the best personal experience for those guests they are quickly serving,” Hinojosa said.


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