Eco-Friendly Hotels Are Transforming the Guest Experience

Apr 03, 2019

Today’s travelers are more environmentally conscious than prior generations, and they’re often looking for ways to minimize their footprint while away from home. This new consciousness has many guests opting for brands that share the similar sustainability values. Besides being an ethical business decision, adopting eco-friendly practices can introduce reductions in operating costs for resorts and hotels, making it a win-win for the industry.

Green practices are becoming more commonplace in hospitality. On the guest-facing front some hotels have implemented actions that help conserve energy, such as lights and AC that automatically turn off when guests are not in the room; and limit water waste by having guests reuse linens. Green actions that occur behind the scenes include limiting the use of paper with digital document management, recycling water bottles and other frequently used recyclable materials, sourcing environmentally responsible room amenities and reducing energy consumption by implementing PMS tech that operates in a hosted environment, in particular for larger properties.

While the interest in environmental stewardship is gaining ground, the notion still exists among some operators that "going green” and adopting eco-friendly practices means sacrificing the guest experience. But in fact, sustainable actions actually make a positive impression that transforms the guest experience. For starters, eco-friendliness boasts a high degree of social acceptance. In addition, brands that make some level of environmental commitment may be perceived as "fresher" accommodations - an impression comes from the belief that energy-saving practices are most often found in newer properties - not older locations. Furthermore, lowered energy and water costs can free up funds to place greater emphasis on revenue-driving areas, for example: spa, dining or golf, that add value to the guest experience.

Properties that embrace environmental stewardship and incorporate these practices will not only welcome more like-minded guests, but also cut down on waste which results in bottom-line savings.

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