Employing Hospitality Technology that Promotes Environmental Stewardship

May 09, 2018

Many businesses are discovering that even the smallest changes can dramatically decrease their environmental impact, and the savings go straight to the bottom line. By adopting a Green initiative, today’s hospitality professionals are enjoying environmentally sustainable operations, and saving money while reducing their operational footprint. Today we’re sharing some of the ways hotels are going green with a helping hand from technology.

1. Managing important paper documents and forms can be a time-consuming and costly process. Most operations go through a lot of paper day-to-day, but reducing the amount of paper used each day helps create more room in the budget for more guest-centric initiatives. To accomplish this, many hospitality professionals opt for a document management system as an easy way to streamline operations while reducing, perhaps even eliminating, their piles of paper documents. Transitioning typical processes and forms to paperless flows is one of the most efficient ways to reduce your operation’s footprint.

2. The hospitality industry is very energy-intensive, and finding ways to lower total energy consumption helps generate big savings. Several properties in warmer climates are using solar energy to power lighting, signage and to heat up water. Green solutions aren’t just saving electrical consumption, they’re also building the foundations for more environmentally friendly businesses.

3. Outdated hardware that’s still being used across the property not only runs slow, but it’s often a hidden costs of excessive power usage and other, unanticipated expenses. Upgrading those older machines will undoubtedly improve workflow efficiency, the environment, and your bottom line. Older machines tend to be less energy-efficient and replacing them with newer, optimized machines makes a noticeable difference.

These are just a few examples, but there are countless ways operators are making small changes with big impacts, using technology to help drive greener operations. The Green Hotels association is devoted to just that: providing hospitality professionals tools to make their operations more energy efficient and greener. Agilysys proudly supports the association, and all your green initiatives through technology.

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