End-to-End Event Management with a PMS-Integrated Solution

Jul 11, 2018

Banquets and events constitute a large portion of any hotel’s business. Be it a social event, a wedding or a business conference, managing the requirements of each in a successful manner requires the right technology. Smart, PMS-integrated sales and catering software that manages every aspect of events is gaining ground among hoteliers.

Here are some important advantages of an advanced software solution that improves end-to-end event management:

Familiar User Interface: Smart software, with a logical and friendly interface, increases the efficiency of the banquet teams. Its easy-to-use format and straight-forward, drill-down capabilities help make event planning and scheduling a seamless process, regardless of the size or length of the event. From intuitive meeting room scheduling and task planning, to multiple guest room blocking, the state-of-the-art event management technology organizes details and helps staff manage the entire event in a multifaceted manner.

Simplified Sales Management: Managing guest rooms, group services and functions is easy with a single solution. It helps with automated creation of customized proposals, BEOs, contracts and invoices, and yields improved management with the functionality to streamline accounts, meeting rooms and BEO management.

Real Time Reporting: Event software that not only manages overall operations, but also helps generate business insights with automated dashboards and reports is gaining popularity. An advanced solution generates insightful reports by accounts, contacts, communication records and more. Hoteliers can now look at maximizing sales revenue from group sales, conferences and banqueting.

Centralize Catering Operations: Innovative software for sales, catering and event management ensures consolidation of all essential meeting data. It streamlines the entire procedure by automating even the most mundane tasks, such as quick event entries and posting BEOs. The accounting teams become more synchronized in the process, resulting in optimized event operations.

The hotel industry is adopting technological advancements in its operational workflows to optimize efficiencies and exceed guest expectations. Leveraging such cutting-edge technologies is not only helping to streamline event management processes, but it’s also helping hoteliers add to their incremental revenue.

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