Enriching the Player Experience with Bulk Tee Times Blocking

Feb 18, 2020

Golf is a sport that has a long and rich tradition. Courses these days carry some of the traditions that come from the origins of the sport. Yet, in many ways, the golfing experience has evolved with generational changes and the introduction of course management technology.

Why are tee times so essential? Whether you’re organizing tournaments or not, scheduling and tracking tee times is a big part of every player’s experience. Their purpose is to organize play on the course and to maintain a good flow of golfers.

The introduction of advanced features in golf course management technology allows your staff to work more efficiently without impacting the traditional player experience. Bulk tee times have been a long-standing challenge for course and tournament managers. To overcome the problem, managers would need to create a single tee time, and duplicate that tee time block multiple times to perform bulk reservations. In some instances, they would have created a tournament instead, even though they were not planning to fully utilize the tournament functionality.

Streamline Your Golf Management Operations

Whether you’re organizing tournaments, scheduling and tracking tee times, managing the pro shop, directing staff or overseeing player experiences, start with the reliable foundation of Agilysys Golf.

Today, however, bulk tee time functionality links all players together to accommodate any changes – booking, moving, copying, canceling, or accepting payments. Especially useful when changes need to be applied to all players in the group. A bulk booking doesn’t just save time during the initial booking process by allowing your staff to quickly select a block of tee times for a large group of golfers across multiple tee times. It also helps you manage the entire course as well as subsequent tee times without disrupting play. After all, an efficiently run golf course makes all the difference to attract golfers, improve player experiences, and give you a competitive edge that helps optimize course planning and revenue opportunities.

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