Future-proofing Hotel Operations and Services Using Scalable Solutions

Jan 26, 2022

Now more than ever, hoteliers are looking for tools to help them keep up with evolving industry trends and guest expectations. As the demands of the guest changes, so does the response of the hotel, and it must be in a position to stay current to compete in today's world of hospitality.

But how can hoteliers future-proof their existing systems? If they implement a few flexible and easy-to-use modules, they can add several attractive features to their guest offerings without breaking the bank or reinventing the wheel every couple years.

Whether working with one vendor or multiple providers, hotels must have solutions that integrate easily with the systems they have in place and enable them to provide the highest level of guest service possible. Hotels have to work with so much less today than ever before – whether due to labor shortages or supply chain issues. Through the implementation of highly useful modules, properties can focus on the future, boost guest satisfaction, dramatically improve service levels, and optimize the systems, staff and inventory they have already.

How can my property future-proof the systems we have in place?

The goals of future-proofing are scalability and resiliency. As your operation grows and changes, you must have the tools to successfully respond to your business needs and those of the guests.

By adding newer cloud-native SaaS solutions to your tech mix, you can seamlessly add new features and services without having to replace existing systems. Modules that focus on services like spa, activities, seat management, contactless payments and cashless transactions, provide new engagement opportunities for hoteliers and allow them to optimize their existing property management systems (PMS).

Can I add modules from one vendor if my property management system was provided by a different company?

Yes – the goal of adding modules like these is to not only offer new services to guests to enhance their stays and provide them with exceptional experiences, but to easily build on the existing PMS without having to replace it. Today, there is no need to start from scratch if you have a robust system in place.

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What are some of the available options?

Today's solutions create new revenue opportunities when hotels put the selection process in the guest's hands. Guests can add to their experience by choosing their seats at a restaurant, picking their room, reserving spa services or tee times, or booking a hard-to-get event ticket.

When hotels make the guest more comfortable by offering contactless payment options and cashless transactions – whether for food and beverage or retail – guests can interact with hotel staff in a more secure and safe way. Guests can order and pay for food and beverage from their phones anywhere on the property. Other contactless payment options include scanning a QR code on their bill to add a gratuity and pay from their seat without their chosen form of payment leaving their hands. 

Options like these are easy to add to your existing systems and add peace of mind for your guests, improve speed of service and accuracy, maximize limited staff, and promote guest satisfaction overall. Whether adding features to check-in like digital keys, or adding different payment options for the room, food and beverage, activities or retail items, the services hotels can provide well into the future can only benefit the property and the guests. If you have a great PMS already, there is no need to replace it when you can add new, cloud-native solutions to enhance your existing system.

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Hotels should feel comfortable that they are standing out from their competition as they move into the future. An effective PMS does not have to stand on an island alone. By adding a few modules, your hotel can stay up-to-date on guest demand trends and boost service levels – without breaking the bank. Today’s technology providers are creating more and more options to help future-proof, enhance and optimize the systems hotels have in place and help them boost staff productivity by providing self-service and contactless payment options to guests. Find the modules that work best for your clientele and create amazing offerings that they and your staff will love.

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