GEM (Guest Experience Management) is Easier Than You Think

Sep 06, 2017

Believe it or not, a PMS (Property Management Solution) plays an instrumental role in ensuring that guest-facing interactions consistently meet or exceed guest expectations. It does this, in part, by capturing, integrating and storing guest data in a single, consolidated repository. Enhancing the quality of the guest experience requires that hotels understand guests’ wants, needs, situations and preferences at a granular level and that they act upon that understanding in a systematic fashion to deliver superior, tailored service.

  • Does a guest require a hypoallergenic comforter?
  • Is a guest sensitive to noise?
  • What refreshments and activities do they like?

The answers to these and countless other questions reside in the guest data and can be surfaced through data analytics and discovery tools. Importantly, the mountain of guest profile data that resides in a PMS gives operators a distinct competitive advantage over OTAs, which lack the ability to capture, analyze and act upon this data. Only hotels have the ability to deliver customized experiences by, for example, preselecting a guest’s preferred bed type and room temperature or presenting them with a welcome tray featuring their favorite snack plate and bottle of wine. An OTA has no visibility into which spa treatments a guest prefers and no ability to launch a campaign that delivers specific promotional offers based on that knowledge.

GEM means putting each guest at the center of every interaction that takes place and every decision made across every department and function. Success is largely contingent on being able to access guest data at a “microscopic” level.

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