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Aug 09,2019

The concept of delivery has radically changed with the rise of online accessibility. Customers can order their favorite food from the comfort of their homes and have it delivered to their front door. The UK saw a rise of 39% in 2018, compared to online ordering in 2015, according to the NDP Group. And in the US, some 60% use order delivery or takeout once a week, as reported by Nation’s Restaurant News.

Long lines at the local coffee shop are a turn-off that potentially undermines all the hard work that goes into creating a positive brand experience. It’s no surprise that more businesses are using online channels to relieve the pressure of crowds. Here’s why the industry is evolving faster than ever:

Technology Ready – the state of online and mobile ordering is at a peak because the technology is so reliable and often requires very little for restaurants to use and maintain

Consumer Preferences – a growing part of the tech-savvy community wants  convenience, and they want to be among the first to try new, self-ordering alternatives

Labor Savings – online and in-restaurant kiosk ordering each offer the potential for labor savings at a time when wages are on the rise, and reliable help is hard to find

Given access to mobile, online, tablet-based or kiosk-ordering, consumers, in general, are comfortable spending a little extra money when not faced with a cashier at the counter, waiting for a decision. Technology helps reduce the build-up of crowds, minimizes human error, and makes the ordering experience all about the customer. While consumers have greater control, establishments benefit from a boost to their bottom lines.

September 01, 2021

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