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Honoring our Native American Customers and Friends This November

Nov 02,2018

Did you know? A century-long effort to gain a day of recognition for the first Americans has given us the Native American Heritage Month. This November, we celebrate Native Americans’ significant contributions to the establishment and growth of the United States. Several events across the country will raise awareness and contribute to this celebration. Agilysys is honored to partner with so many Native American tribes and we are excited to join in this celebration.

Prior to November being officially recognized as Native American Heritage Month, several states were already dedicating a day to celebrate the rich ancestry and traditions that make our country what it is today. The official month of celebration was approved by President George H. W. Bush in 1990, and It has since been celebrated as “Native American Heritage Month” or “National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month”.

Agilysys is a long-time partner of the Native American community. We are honored to support the rich history by participating in the Native American Gaming Association (NIGA) nonprofit association and will once again be attending the TribalNet conference this month. We are dedicated to this esteemed community and support efforts that demonstrate the powerful influences of tribal nations and their communities.

September 01, 2021

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