Hospitality Sector Outperforms Global Economy for the 7th Consecutive Year

Nov 05, 2018

Every year, traveling becomes more and more popular and its growth shows no sign of stopping. People want to explore the world and are always looking for the next one-of-a-kind destination to visit. The Travel & Tourism industry continues to grow at a faster rate than the rest of the global economy and last year it was responsible for the creation of 7 million new jobs worldwide according to World Travel Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Economic Impact Research.

The hospitality industry creates jobs, drives economic growth and helps build better communities. As its popularity grows, people are putting in a lot of effort to find the best, most unique destinations for their next trip. Today, we highlight three things your hotel or resort can do to stand out from the competition and grow loyalty among your guests.

Digital Offerings

Today’s traveler has gone digital. Offering an easy way to manage travel bookings digitally is undoubtedly going to give you a competitive advantage. With an online reservations system that integrates fully to your PMS while letting you highlight your property’s unique selling points, guests can confidently book a room straight from their phone or laptop.

Unique Surroundings

This one might seem obvious but finding what is unique about your property or area and making it stand out can be a true game-changer, especially for smaller properties. Maybe there is an unexplored or peaceful spot nearby you could highlight. Or maybe your property has the best decorating and finishes of any in the area. Don’t underestimate what you bring to your market. Even the seemingly smallest amenity or feature that you can offer the guest either on site or off, has the potential to spread through online social platforms. It can be the single reason your next guest books a visit.

Personalized Experiences

Knowing who your guest is and what they’re looking for in a hotel is important. Properties with integrated systems that feed information into an intelligent property management system have a real advantage when it comes to increasing guest loyalty. Staff can use the information to personalize the guest experience and any small detail that makes the guest feel a little more at home during their stay is often a good reason for them to come back.

The hospitality sector is expected to contribute to around 25% of global net job creation over the next decade. For operators, this means that while there is lots of room to grow, the competition is also growing, and differentiators are more important than ever.

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