How Big Data Analytics are Changing the Hospitality Marketing Landscape

May 14, 2018

As the hospitality industry evolves to become more guest-centric, new and innovative promotional offers are being implemented in today’s restaurants, hotels, resorts and casinos. Guests now have an abundance of options for dining, lodging, spa, golf and other entertainment. Knowing how to market the right options to the right guest can be tricky, leaving many operations spending far more time and money than intended trying to attract and keep guests. According to Hospitality Technology Magazine’s 2018 Restaurant Technology Study, 69% of digital leaders in the hospitality industry said that “Improving digital customer engagement and loyalty” was among their top priorities this year.

Today’s global technology landscape offers a solution to virtually every challenge, and hospitality is no exception. Using an automated, data-driven solution can help operations optimize their marketing efforts, leading to increased guest recruitment and long-term loyalty. One way operators take their marketing to the next level is through the use of an offers engine. One such technology is Xuvi’s BeamStudioTM, which utilizes big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and optimize marketing efforts. The solution enables hospitality professionals to generate more revenue through dynamic guest valuation and intuitive, personalized offers.

BeamStudio integrates with Agilysys’ InfoGenesis® POS and LMS® property management system, allowing for insight into the entire guest journey across the property, and from pre-arrival to post-departure. This strong technology combination supports additional areas of the business with tools for revenue forecasting, loss prevention and dynamic pricing. Automated marketing, when powered by advanced data analytics, helps resorts better understand guest expectations and engage with them on a personal level, while promoting everything the property has to offer.

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