How PMS Data Can Guide Marketing Strategies

Apr 22, 2019

Hoteliers are extremely busy trying to meet guest demands. And while that’s of major importance, ensuring repeat visits and increased satisfaction are just as critical. There are countless marketing activities that can help increase bookings, but to truly be strategic these marketing plans must be rooted in data. Fortunately for hoteliers, property management systems are a gold mine of valuable information that can guide a successful marketing strategy, so why not mine it? These data can be leveraged to understand who guests, including specifics about their preferences and buying behaviors.

Demographics are the foundation for building a productive marketing strategy. The data obtained during booking and check-in processes hold fundamental information that uncovers guests’ age, gender, travel purpose, and identifies guest type such as business traveler, couples or families. Using booking data hoteliers can engage in personalized communication using messaging and imagery targeted for that guest demographic. For instance, an email campaign targeted at families would include photos of children enjoying the resort’s kid-friendly amenities like pool, rides, kid zones and more. One targeted at couples would showcase imagery of people shopping, relaxing by the pool or enjoying wine tastings and other events on property.

Insight about where guests are visiting from can also guide where to focus advertising dollars, whether digital or print. An example is when data shows most guests coming from a specific urban area, a billboard in that high-trafficked area featuring the resort’s spa will help build brand awareness. Loyal guests are also identified through PMS analytics by measuring length of stay, number of bookings, and money spent. Hoteliers can entice guests who have higher spends with special discounts or exclusive offers that make them feel valued and keep your property top-of-mind when it comes time to book their next getaway.

PMS data is extracted to develop a strategic marketing push that is intentional and focused on the right audience with purposeful messages, promotions and other offers. Hoteliers that tap into their PMS data and make data-driven decisions are more likely to see a return on their investment.

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