How to Attract and Retain the Purpose-Driven Generation

Sep 05, 2018

According to a recent MNI Targeted Media survey of college students focused on buying trends and preferences, more than half of the "Generation Z" respondents said important factors influencing who they do business with include “a brand showing dedication to social impact, by giving proceeds to charity, being environmentally conscious, having strong values, or projecting an impact-driven image.”

The study reported that Gen Z is usually a very passionate, values-driven part of the broader workforce. This is demonstrated in how they make decisions, and in what they look for in their career paths. Today’s leaders will be managing Gen Z, for whom purpose matters as much as, or more than, money. Here are some tips for business owners to consider when preparing for this population that is inevitably becoming part of their staff.

Meaningful Mentoring
Approximately 33% consider mentorship as the number one benefit that attracts them to an organization, second only to health care. This generation is self-empowered while also seeking the meaningful guidance that will help them develop skills and evolve in their fields. So even though Gen Z’ers are coming to the workforce, they are dependent on their workplace having more experienced employees to provide meaningful mentoring.

Growth Potential
Another key that inspires this generation and helps them discover their full potential is an empowered work culture. By allowing all employees to explore and learn while having the appropriate guidance, they will grow and improve the quality of their performance. This is especially important in industries where service standards are constantly evolving, such as hospitality. By having a nimble point-of-sale solution at the restaurant, club, bar, pop-up or even hotel, managers empower staff to make decisions and deliver the best possible guest experience with every interaction.

Adequate Support
Business owners who intend to hire Gen Z’ers should be aware that their upbringing has likely been different from preceding generations, and that they may need different guidance and support in their work environment. They grew up in a truly connected world, which comes with the benefit of technological literacy but also comes with stiff competition and the pressures of social media. This population experiences higher levels of anxiety or depression than any other generation in the workforce. Attention to mental and emotional wellness may help with retention and growth for this purpose-drive generation.

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