Leading the Way to the Future of Hotel Guest Service with Cloud-native Technology

Dec 09, 2021

Hotels around the world are seeing the benefits of cloud-native services, and technology providers are answering the call. Established hospitality technology companies are providing new options for flexible and easy-to-use solutions that their hotel partners need to be even more responsive to their guests than ever before.

What is “cloud native”?

Cloud native can best be described as a process for building and operating workloads in the cloud with the ability to maximize the benefits of the cloud computing model. Cloud-native services allow for modern application development. For example, small areas of a live application can be updated without a full redeployment. Today, technology providers are using modern cloud technologies like microservices in orchestrated containers like Kubernetes (K8s) or Docker Swarm. By using microservices, organizations can preserve flexibility, scalability and efficiency; operations can run containerized applications the same way, in any environment.

Technology providers are able to revise and update solutions much more quickly than in the past, delivering applications faster through this process than with traditional development. Through modern approaches like containerization, microservices and DevOps practices, cloud-native applications provide the speed and responsiveness that hotels must have for today's traveler.

How can this help with my existing systems?

All hotel operations can benefit from a wide variety of API scalability options that can be customized to their business. Through these feature-rich solutions, hotels can ensure that their service evolves as the business and guest needs change. By offering options like flexible booking, mobile point of sale, or contactless payment, hotel properties provide convenience to the guest and can reap the benefit of allowing staff to focus more time on service.

Complimenting the hotel’s property management system (PMS) with cloud-native technologies benefits both staff and guests. Mobile booking allows guests to use the device of their choice, and provides a seamless interaction with the hotel. Through the use of this type of flexible platform, guests are moved through the booking process in a much more efficient way. Room availability features allow the property to keep track of inventory, and guests can make restaurant, spa or tee time reservations with the touch of a button. By providing convenience and efficiency in a highly interactive booking tool, guest satisfaction improves and the hotel sees increased booking rates and significant revenue growth.  

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Agilysys innovative hospitality technology helps you delight guests and engage staff at every interaction while providing visibility into the entire guest journey.

Another area that benefits from cloud-native applications is point of sale (POS). By enhancing the POS system with cloud-native technologies, staff can more quickly manage mobile options for guests – many of which prefer contactless engagement at this time. Through options such as self-service ordering and mobile check-in/out, guests experience the flexibility and comfort of interacting with the hotel staff in the way they prefer.

Mobile point of sale is available for any number of environments – including high-volume areas. The result is higher productivity levels with no down time, and more efficient service.

Additionally, guests today are more comfortable with the convenience and security of contactless payments. By providing a self-service option for payment, guests can use their own device, scan a QR code, review a digital copy of their bill, add gratuity, and complete their payment. The hotel can easily accept and track these contactless transactions – all while providing the guest with the convenience of paying wherever they are.  

Point of Sale Solutions

Optimizing food & beverage operations and profitability demands a flexible, enterprise class point-of-sale system. Is yours up to the task?

By implementing a flexible and easy-to-use set of cloud-native solutions, hotels are able to increase speed of service and improve efficiency, creating more time for them to spend on guest service. As these applications can be modified on demand, the hotel is immune to service interruptions and can evolve with their guests’ needs. In order to compete in today’s world of travel, hotel properties must continue to be flexible, highly responsive, and focus on technologies that enhance the guest journey. With the stability and experience of an established technology provider combined with the scalability and flexibility that cloud-native solutions provide, hotels can’t help but succeed.

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