Marketing to Digital Natives – How Brand Loyalty is Changing Hospitality

Oct 26, 2018

Not too long ago, brand loyalty was created through TV commercials and catchy jingles - jingles that still get stuck in our minds today. Loyalty then was something companies relied on to grow and retain their customer base. Savvy brands have already discovered that they need new ways of connecting with consumers. With millions of products available with the tap on their smartphones, younger generations aren’t so easily persuaded into relinquishing their loyalty to a given brand. In today’s post, we uncover how brands who understand this important trend are rethinking their marketing to appeal to digital natives.

A repeat purchase isn’t necessarily the same as loyalty. Mobilized technology with copious product and brand reviews makes it very easy for consumers to be fickle. It is hard to know whether brand loyalty was ever as strong as it seemed or if consumers just stuck to what they knew out of habit, convenience or familiarity. In today’s world, a guest’s perception of a brand can change in an instant with digital communication and social networks sharing individual opinions everywhere. Their habit of purchasing the same thing again and again can change just as quickly.

So, what should hospitality brands do in order to increase brand loyalty and appeal to younger generations? Firstly, they should be aware of who their audience is and know the many nuances within that audience. Brands should also be careful with fixating too much on age, since the consumer’s values or expectations are much more important in how they interact with a brand. Their age will change but personal values rarely do and having extensive knowledge about how to appeal to the guest personally will secure their business long-term. A custom marketing engine with intelligent automation and artificial intelligence helps brands learn more about their customers. It's also being used to personalize the guest experience, which strengthens loyalty. Offers should be available via the medium that suits the consumer, whether that be email, text or social media. Using artificial intelligence, brands can learn more about the consumer and even change a promotional offer based on the way the individual has reacted, or has not reacted to prior offers. This is the most intelligent way of curating offers and gives them more of what they want. After all, the goal is to ensure every customer has an extraordinary experience interacting with the brand.

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