Migrating to SaaS Proves Cost-effective at Washington Resort & Casino



Migrating to SaaS Proves Cost-effective at Washington Resort & Casino

Mar 27, 2018

For many hotels and restaurants, finding and retaining quality IT staffing can be challenging. This often translates to a high turn-over rate or the expectation of an exorbitant salary. For Quinault Beach Resort and Casino, the challenge is a bit more difficult to solve. Located in a remote coastal resort area of the Pacific Northwest, Quinault simply does not have access to the necessary IT staff. "It's tough for us to find labor, especially where we are located," says Dean Rubin, executive director of hospitality.

To overcome this issue, the resort decided to update its antiquated point-of-sale system and partner with a new technology provider, Agilysys, to implement InfoGenesis® POS. When compared to other POS providers Quinault evaluated, InfoGenesis offered the resort a system with "the most control and the least amount of IT management."

"Without a cloud-based POS like InfoGenesis, we wouldn't be able to interface with a technology like EZbar," Rubin explains.

"There are a limited number of providers that can both offer and handle what we require within the gaming industry," Rubin added. "InfoGenesis comes with all the answers we were looking for. Other providers weren't offering us those solutions."

In the near future, the resort plans to interface InfoGenesis with many more third-party systems to help with its staffing and labor challenges and to improve revenue.

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