Mobile Marketing in the Digital Age

Jan 25, 2019

Smart phones empower us to craft our own unique experiences. They grant us better access to more information and more opportunities than just a couple years ago. When we can access and book a treatment at the spa, make dining reservations and schedule a tee time using our personal devices, we’re taking control of our own adventures.

Restaurants are also employing mobile devices, whether they’re part of a chain, a resort or an independent property. Mobile integration has evolved significantly over the past eighteen months to drastically improve food ordering and fulfillment workflows. Smart devices are used to book tables, place food and beverage orders and deliver faster service.

Traditional forms of marketing can be delivered along with unprecedented levels of mobile guest convenience. Some bars and restaurants inside resort properties find success with mobile menu ordering - using a consumer’s own device. With the scan of a QR code, diners can place and pay for orders almost regardless of their location. Since it’s location-based staff knows exactly where to deliver the order. Suggestive sells are included, where diners are prompted to add-on items to their purchase, whether it’s a bottle of wine or side item to go along with their selections.

Even after the dining experience, mobile marketing continues to play an important role in diner satisfaction. Mobility is an ideal platform to create relevant, timely, individualized promotions - following up with diners and keeping the brand top-of-mind. Additional possibilities include a wide range of curated perks designed to entice a return visit.  A marketing engine using AI (Artificial Intelligence) helps these businesses learn more about each diner while modifying a promotional offer in real-time, based on the individual’s response, or lack of response, to previous offers. The objective being that every diner has an extraordinary experience interacting with the brand. This is one of the most intelligent ways to curate mobile offers and capture repeat visits.

For all our dependence on mobile technology, we still desire excellent service. For restaurants, it is not so much about replacing service with technology, rather it is about enhancing service through technology and creating the most memorable experience.

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