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Mobile Payments - For the Mobile Guest

Dec 06, 2016

Today’s guests are accustomed to doing things on the go. They live in a mobile world.  They value a simple and frictionless experience when selecting where they will stay, what they will eat and where they’ll spend their dollars.

What technologies are you leveraging that actually help you better serve guests?

Bringing payment acceptance to the guest, wherever they are, is a proven way to grow revenue through increased guest engagement. There are several reasons why mobile payment acceptance should be high on the priority list for technology investment:

1. Increased Sales

Mobile ordering and payment processing technology creates a culture of guest service, which translates to more revenue-generating opportunities. Payment acceptance on a POS tablet actually extends the reach to more guest across the property.

2. Quicker Guest Check-in

Long lines are a turnoff. Equipping hotel staff with mobile check-in and credit card processing tools reduces guest wait times and increases satisfaction.

3. Table-side Service

Equipping servers with tablets allows more time to be spent with guests. Servers remain closer to guests because they’re able to process orders, transmit them to the kitchen or bar, and even process the payment - all without leaving the guest’s side.

4. Card Data Security

A Validated Point-to-Point Encrypted (P2PE) solution keeps the card data out of the internal systems and protects it from exposure during swipe or dip (EMV) processing. Physical security and secure processes are also part of a Validated P2PE solution and guidelines for ensuring this security are included in the solution’s P2PE Instruction Manual (PIM).

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