POS Pain Points and 6 Ways a POS Solution Can Eliminate Them

Apr 06, 2022

Most point-of-sale (POS) pain points today stem from labor shortages, especially in the hospitality industry. While many properties experience seasonal staffing shortages every year, in today's climate, many have experienced long-term shortages and difficulty in maintaining consistent staffing numbers. By implementing technologies that help maximize productivity and efficiency, enhance guest service, and boost earnings, properties can now improve job satisfaction and retain more talent.

Today's hospitality technologies aren't designed solely to keep the lights on. They can help hospitality organizations run more efficiently by seamlessly integrating systems, providing staff members with tools to improve their workflows and offering enhanced guest service levels to boost revenue and loyalty. Properties now have access to enhanced POS solutions that help them do more with fewer staff members and support not only staff retention but guest satisfaction.

Maximizing Efficiency in Hotel Operations

Technology providers have created solutions that can run on a variety of operating systems (Windows, iOS and Android) and seamlessly integrate with existing technologies already on property. The flexibility of a POS system that can be used on a fixed terminal, a server's tablet, self-serve kiosk, or mobile device increases a property's options for efficiently servicing guests. Staff equipped with tablets that have long battery life and are drop, temperature and shock resistant have the flexibility to serve guests from anywhere on the property.

Seamlessly integrating POS technologies allows a property to serve guests over a wider area with less staff. Choosing an experienced POS solutions provider that offers flexible and scalable features allows hotels to increase productivity and ultimately enhance guest and staff experience. The POS options will also seamlessly communicate with other systems like property management (PMS) and inventory and procurement software to improve operational efficiency across the property.  Servers spend more time with guests and less time on back-and-forth trips to a fixed terminal, and accuracy is improved as the order goes straight to the kitchen from a mobile device.

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Boosting Guest Satisfaction

Providing a variety of POS options to the guest wherever they are on property allows hotels to remain competitive and better able to personalize the guest experience. Self-serve kiosks allow for quick, grab-and-go purchases, while mobile ordering off centralized menus enables guests to order and receive F&B items in a wide variety of locations including the pool, spa, casino floor, or convention hall. Contactless or cashless payment options are available to guests by scanning a QR code on the check and paying at the table. Guests no longer need to wait to sign a bill, and their card never leaves their hand. The flexibility of POS solutions like these allows a property to provide guests the service they expect and deserve.

Selling the Change

One of the most important steps in implementing technology solutions is for hotels to communicate with staff about the technology's ease of use and many benefits to ensure they are willing to use them. These POS options are not meant to replace a staff member. They are tools to help make their jobs easier. Most are easy to learn, seamlessly integrate with existing systems, and are flexible enough to help them serve the guest anywhere on the property. The result of implementing a more comprehensive POS solution is a quicker, more efficient workflow. By providing staff members with tools that give them more time to focus on their guests, they can handle more orders, serve more guests, turn more tables, and ultimately, increase their own income. Hotels can do more with less staff by implementing POS solutions available today. With these tools, job satisfaction improves, directly correlating to guest satisfaction and reinforced loyalty. Today's POS solutions improve both staff and guest experience – a benefit for any property to stay ahead of its competitors by retaining the best talent and keeping guests happy and wanting to return.

New POS Applications Already in Use

Self-serve kiosks are getting implemented in airports, employee cafeterias and tray service F&B outlets like those in ski resorts. New kiosk options scan items on a tray, automatically calculate the cost, and accept cashless payment. In airports, passengers can take advantage of quick grab-and-go items like bottled water or snacks. In the case of a corporate cafeteria, even if food items are comped for employees, implementing this technology allows organizations to better manage menu costing, inventory and procurement. Self-serve kiosks require limited staff and still allow guests, staff, or passengers to purchase items on demand.

There are technology companies today that are solving the hospitality industry’s biggest challenges by building solutions needed now. These companies are using years of experience in the hospitality industry to continuously develop innovative solutions that meet guest demands and provide staff with tools that help them excel at their jobs. The most competitive hotels are embracing these technologies to eliminate POS pain points and turn them into points of success. Improving both guest and staff experience only helps improve service levels. Reach your guests where they are and give your employees a reason to stay.

6 Ways the Right POS Solution Eliminates Pain Points

  1. By automating manual tasks to get the most out of the staff you have.
  2. Through seamless communication with multiple systems.
  3. By allowing the guest to personalize their experience by putting technology at their fingertips.
  4. By reaching the guest where they are, increasing order numbers and revenue.
  5. Through optimization of existing technologies instead of replacing them by adding a POS solution that works on various operating systems and integrates with the existing technology.
  6. By providing staff tools that reduce their workload and stress, allowing them to spend more time with guests.

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