Resort Spas Embrace the Latest Wellness Trends With Technology

Sep 13, 2018

In a recent study conducted by The International Spa Association, wellness and technology adoption continue to top the list of current spa trends. According to the research, 32% of respondents indicated that wellness, including health and fitness, are among the top trends affecting spas and about 42% of hotel and resort businesses.

The ISPA study reported more respondents citing technology-related trends such as the incorporation of online booking options and the increasing use of online promotions. When asked about plans for the coming year, 95% of respondents said they planned to expand the range of choices available to their clients. Individual spa brands are confirming some of these findings.

As technology encompasses more and more of our everyday lives, resort spas will continue to offer a space to disconnect from technology. They’re being more thoughtful in their approach to create these tranquil encounters and embracing some forms of technology to provide modern treatment experiences.  Integrated resort technology is bridging the gap between the property and its spa services, providing a more direct way to book treatments and complete forms, and creating a seamless and more relaxing guest experience.

Using spa technology also helps staff to focus less on their specific administrative tasks and more on creating personalized service. Guests also have certain expectations concerning technology. They’re often influenced by social media. From booking to scheduling to service execution, spa technology provides the foundation to support the industry’s changing wellness trends and deliver exquisite spa experiences.

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