Revealing New Casino Spend Opportunities with Guest Data

Jun 22, 2018

Most visits in today’s casinos have come to include much more than just time spent at the slots or gaming tables. Operators are growing their revenue opportunities with more amenities, such as spa or celebrity chef dining options. While guest spend can be categorized as either gaming or non-gaming revenue, many find that non-gaming spend is driving significant revenue growth. But how can operators combine data from to maximize profitability from every guest, at every visit? Check out these tips on how casino operators are leveraging data to optimize revenue at every opportunity.

  1. Leveraging Existing Patron Data

If you have an integrated property management system (PMS), chances are guest profile data already exists in your system. Leveraging this data can help uncover overlooked revenue opportunities and show historical information that may otherwise take a long time to collect, especially when it comes from disparate systems. Ultimately, data derived from an integrated suite of hospitality technology can help you better understand the guest’s journey at your property. It is often used to enhance the overall experience and increase guest loyalty.

  1. Capturing the Right Data

The technology behind any hospitality operation plays a critical role in business growth and overall success. It can be a time-consuming process to collect and analyze it from multiple systems, so the key to making the process seamless and successfully using the collected data is having truly integrated systems that work better together. Using an integrated solution suite, with PMS at the core, makes collecting the right data a seamless process and allows staff to focus on the guest rather than technology. Integrating with the property’s point-of-sale system provide valuable information about the guest journey, such as a couple’s anniversary date or their favorite dining venue. With this level of detailed information, it’s easier to ensure guests receive truly personalized service and any potential revenue opportunity is not overlooked.

  1. Maximizing Revenue with Marketing

Now that you’ve gathered the right data, it’s time to look at using it to increase guest spend. Knowing the guest’s preferences even before they check-in can be the differentiator that makes the experience truly memorable. Following the guest’s journey - from check-in, to their time spent at the spa, pool, in the lounge, at the restaurant and post departure - reveals insights that you can later use for promotional purposes. Knowing a guest’s preferred wine and sending a complimentary glass to their room can leave a lasting impression, and might even generate new business through word-of-mouth and social review sites.

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