Seamless Campus Dining Boasts Modern Technology for a Modern Population

Feb 13, 2018

There’s much that goes into the food-service environments at the University of West Georgia. At its very core are the unique needs of the guest population. That is, the students who partake of the dining services at UWG and who’ve come to depend on it for a variety of reasons. Ensuring seamless menu quality and accuracy is important to the leadership of Campus Dining.

Consistency is important. It’s about ensuring recipes are managed well and prepared the same way every time. And with a growing population of health-focused or allergy-conscious diners, detailed allergen tracking is also critical. These are just some of the reasons why UWG relies on Agilysys’ Eatec® software to manage inventory and procurement for their entire enterprise, which includes an extensive 14 food-service outlets.

Eatec® gives food-service managers the flexibility and control to oversee their inventory, purchasing, perform sales analysis to understand what items are selling well, forecast consumption and optimize nutritional values of menu items.  The modular software structure allows users to leverage just the parameters they need, and includes comprehensive functionality such as cycle planning, production and even retail management.

“Eatec will modernize our entire food-service operation by streamlining the purchasing process, controlling inventory and managing overall costs.”

  • Executive Director at the University of West George

Every day, students are encouraged to ‘blaze trails’ to new possibilities for scholarly achievement, creative expression and in service to humanity. Founded in 1906, the University of West Georgia is focused on transforming lives, changing perceptions, and refusing to accept that possibilities are limited. UWG embraces diversity and places high value on community. The dining halls emulate the school’s diversity and open community, and the Eatec solution is the ideal solution to provide seamless dining services for their modern population.

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