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Seamless Technology for Foodservice Management


Food & Beverage Wisely Managed

Intuitive UI makes for fast staff on-boarding. Consolidated view of all orders for the kitchen. Real time order status keeps guests informed. Quickly find out whether a departing guest paid.

We use Agilysys’ digital ordering technology in our Microsoft cafeterias every day. It’s always accurate, which makes order placement and payment quick and painless.

- Microsoft

Solutions for Contactless Customer Engagement

Create a Seamless Foodservice Experience

Learn how Agilysys is helping foodservice operators provide next-generation service to keeps guests coming back, and encourage higher spending.

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Speed Up Service Lines and Streamline Staff Productivity

Optimize Food Costs with Real-time Data

Reduce Costs with Less Operational Overhead

All-in-one Foodservice Management Software Solutions

Meet all your needs for excellent customer service and successful foodservice management.

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