rGuest® Service

Get instant notifications about guest requests from virtually any mobile device. Deliver service that exceeds the expectations of today’s guest.

rGuest Service

Mobilize Hotel Housekeeping, In-Room Dining & More

Mobile Hotel Maintenance Software

A dirty room or malfunctioning electronics can turn an otherwise pleasant experience into an unhappy stay. Refine your guest service standards with real-time visibility using rGuest Service and stay on top of all your maintenance requests.

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rGuest Service
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Optimize Hotel Housekeeping Systems

Never miss another opportunity to impress. With mobile task assignments, hoteliers can ensure guest room attendants are used most efficiently, and that no guest room is overlooked.

Mobilize Your Hotel Staff

Mobile and familiar to every user, with broad support for any smartphone, tablet or laptop.
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Innovative Hotel Foodservice Solution

Provide your guests with all the convenience to make their stay easy and enjoyable. Whether they’re pool-side or in-room, rGuest Service helps you deliver on guest expectations.

To enhance the guest’s stay, staff workflows should be as seamless, effortless, and as hands-free as possible. With real-time notifications, rGuest Service communicates the way staff prefers. Mobile technology that engages hotel staff to optimize the guest experience

rGuest Stay

Boost rGuest® Service Performance

An enterprise-ready, all-in-one solution for full-service resorts, boutiques and hotels.

An Integrated lodging management system for hotels and resorts. Build exceptional guest relationships and optimize revenue opportunities.

The industry’s leading point of sale technology, built to keep guests happy and revenue flowing.