Strategies for Hospitality Marketers

Mar 10, 2020

In every business, a solid marketing strategy is critical to building a brand and establishing loyalty. The hospitality industry is no different. In our last blog, we shared the many ways that hospitality marketers leverage social media to generate interest. Today we reveal additional marketing strategies to help resorts and hotels of all shapes and sizes either get started on a new strategy or just a refresher for seasoned marketers.

Hospitality is different in that marketers must sell products and services that are not tangible. Success hinges upon creating content and imagery that resonate with consumers. Because the hospitality industry is mostly made up of tourism and other experiential services, consistent brand identity should be the first strategy. Once established, brand recognition can evoke warm, positive memories of prior experiences.

Use Modern Visual Content

We all prefer easily digestible information and what better way to tell your story than sharing relatable images and videos? Written descriptions have their place, but to capture the attention of your next guest it takes quality visual content.  Visuals should tell a story. They’re the best way to show off your assets. Bring your property to life with web and email content that captures 360° views of your top-rated features, such as recent renovations, the premiere restaurant, or elegant spa. Videos can be done affordably these days, but if you still find costs are too far outside your budget you can choose the next best thing – hi-res still photos. Whether you use images, videos, or both, keep them as current as possible. Prospects quickly skip over visuals with poor resolution, those that appear to show an outdated property feature or those that seem inconsistent with other images and written descriptions.

TIP: Make sure your site still loads quickly. It should be optimized for the use of quality images, videos and other graphics.

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Be Easy to Find

Technology has taken over. Today’s travelers are empowered to do their own comparative research in the palm of their hands. When your hotel is easy to find online, it’s much easier to grow bookings. Roughly 75% of guests start with a search engine to find where they will eat and stay. Make SEO (Search Engine Optimization) a priority. Use popular hotel keywords in your site’s tags and throughout the web content.

Partnerships are another great way to get your brand out there. And with our cultural shift toward supporting local businesses, this can make a big impact on your property. Reach out to neighboring restaurants, shops, or yoga studios as a way to build partnerships and co-promote each other, especially useful if you’re marketing a boutique or independent property.

TIP: Partner with a local brewery to host beer-tasting events and develop a contest where participants can earn a discounted stay in one of your best suites. These relationships offer affordable marketing and increase positive brand recognition.

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