Tackling the Spa Industry’s Staffing Crisis

Apr 14, 2022

The majority of responses on the March 2022 Snapshot Survey of ISPA (International Spa Association) members focus on the frustration of turning away customer appointments due to staffing shortages, and management and service providers being spread too thin. The good news is that technology providers today have tools that can help spa facilities with both issues

Due to dramatic increases in demand and staff shortages, spa facilities are finding they need to automate processes like booking with real-time updates, and provide waitlist features to prevent guests from going elsewhere. They are realizing that service levels will suffer if they don't provide tools to staff members that help improve productivity, automate scheduling, and allow them to spend more time with their clientele. By implementing customized spa management solutions with these capabilities, spas can face these challenges head-on and help their businesses succeed.

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The Extent of the Spa Staffing Crisis

The March 2022 Snapshot Survey of ISPA members revealed that 62 percent strongly agreed that demand for services is higher than capacity, and 73 percent of spas are open seven days per week. While many of these facilities lost revenue in the last two years due to closures, health concerns, supply chain issues and staffing shortages, customers are back in bulk, and many of these spas can't keep up.

"Our staffing is so low, and our business is so high that we struggle to find the time needed to efficiently and effectively train our management team in the areas they need to grow professionally," one respondent wrote. "We have seen a shift in our clientele and their expectations."

There are solutions available today with the sole purpose of streamlining spa operations and offering seamless booking options with user-friendly features. Let’s take a look at the solutions that some spas are planning to implement to help improve both guest and staff experience this year.

Point of Sale Solutions

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Looking to Technology to Ease Workloads

The survey found that 26.6 percent of respondents are planning to implement an online booking system this year. Mobile concierge solutions are another option that 28.4 percent of these facilities are considering. While just over 30 percent are planning to add touchless payment as an option for customers, close to 40 percent of respondents said they were implementing digital health waivers in the next 8 months. And lastly, 27.5 percent of those surveyed are planning to add spa revenue management to their toolbox. These facilities are interested in improving processes; they just need to connect with the right technology partner who can customize the best solutions for their business.

What are some of the features that can help enhance our spa's operations?

- Online booking with real-time updates and waitlist access

- Mobile check-in and digital waivers

- Automated scheduling and staff management

- Seamless payroll reporting and flexible commission structures

- Tablet-based applications that can help simplify the check-in process and manage staff schedules

- Inventory and procurement to help with supply chain issues and prevent loss

- Revenue management including dynamic availability and dynamic pricing

- Customer profiles to create personalized service

- Point-of-sale (POS) systems that provide upsell opportunities and integrate seamlessly with inventory and mobile payment solutions

- Analytics, marketing and loyalty to provide exceptional service and encourage customers to return

Property Management Solutions

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Most businesses would say that too many customers is a good thing, but not when they have to turn them away because they don't have the staff to help them, and definitely not when they are losing money because they can't fully staff their available shifts. Spa facilities have been challenged with finding solutions to help them operate more efficiently, boost productivity, and serve more customers. Finding a technology partner that can provide an integrated solution that automates administrative tasks like scheduling, payroll and inventory, while empowering guests to manage their own bookings and health questionnaires, can help a spa thrive with minimal staff.

For more information on spa management solutions and how they can improve efficiency and productivity to help your team keep up with increasing demand, please visit Agilysys ResortSuite in booth No. 809 at the 2022 ISPA Conference in Las Vegas, Nev. One of the spa industry's most popular events, the ISPA Conference will feature presentations by industry experts and provide access to many of the latest spa products available on the market. The Agilysys ResortSuite team will demonstrate how its highly effective spa management solutions will improve operational efficiency to boost productivity, help retain talented staff members, and capture more appointments and revenue #strongertogether. The event will be held at Mandalay Bay May 2-4, 2022.

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