The Importance of Hotel Systems Integration

Nov 28, 2018

The hospitality industry is a leader in technology deployment for enhancing business operations. The implementation of new technology solutions is a strategic move from a business standpoint, as it can drastically improve various aspects of a hotel’s operations.

But to maximize the benefits of technology, all systems must work in conjunction with one another. A system’s integration adaptability is  a deciding factor for operators when choosing a technology. Although a single  provider for all systems is an ideal scenario, it is more common for  properties to employ different hospitality software solutions by multiple vendors.  If any one solution is not flexible enough to integrate with other systems, this fragmentation can lead to disjointed back-end functions that hinder operations and impact the guest experience.

For starters, one of the benefits of systems integration is the automatic transfer of guest data. Automatic data transfer adds efficiency by increasing hotel staff productivity as they do not have to manually enter data and run the risk of data entry errors.

Benefits go beyond improved transfer of guest data. The hotel Property Management System (PMS) is the very core of integration, where an interface between the hotel PMS and other solutions allow staff to perform tasks like verifying a guest’s identity. Another key integration point is with the property’s Point-of-Sale (POS) software. It provides an automated workflow for charging guests when they make on site purchases and accurately updates the their folio.

Before choosing a new technology solution, hotel operators should consider a solution’s integration adaptability prior to selection as this can make a real difference during implementation and operational workflows.

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