The Next Frontier in Hospitality: Wearable Tech

Nov 19, 2018

Just as the last hotels are adopting smartphones for guest-related workflows, like check-ins, big names in hospitality are reaching for the next generation of tech. Hospitality is projected to showcase strong growth well into 2019, and a key enabler of that growth will be improved communications via wearable technology.

Not so long ago, staff procedures for responding to maintenance requests, housekeeping and fulfilling room service orders were inefficient. A dirty room upon arrival obviously impacted the guest experience. Malfunctioning plumbing or electronics would turn an otherwise pleasant stay into an unhappy one. With mobile, digital task assignments however, resort operators can ensure housekeeping is used most efficiently, and that no guest room is overlooked. It can be based on assigned rooms, where staff receive automatic updates to room conditions which also updates the PMS in real-time. Resort-wide communication reduces the hassle and extra time required to communicate via traditional methods. Hotels and resorts are mobilizing internal workflows with wearable tech that triggers real-time alerts to staff to streamline housekeeping, room maintenance requests and quickly fulfill room service orders.

     “Real-time data directly impacts both profitability and guest satisfaction. It allows hotels to save time, conserve resources, improve operational efficiency and handle requests quickly.”

     - Sridhar Laveti, VP of Research & Development

Finding new ways to stand out amid growing competition is difficult. Wearables enable management and staff to bring immediate service to areas throughout the property that may otherwise be missed - or take far too long to address. Executed well, smart wearable technology stands the chance to reshape the world of hospitality.

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