The Wellness Revolution is Reshaping Guest Satisfaction

Jun 27, 2019

If you haven't noticed, being healthy is all the rage right now. It’s a global trend too, with guests spending more on the pursuit of personal well-being than what they spend on tourism in general, according to a study conducted by the Global Wellness Institute. As a result, wellness has become an essential part of modern hospitality experiences. Resorts and hotels are searching for ways to keep the wellness-minded traveler satiated by offering conveniences that allow them to continue the same activities they have at home and perhaps try something new and different.

The monetization of health and wellness is mounting in hospitality environments with the addition of in-room exercise props designed to entice the fitness enthusiasts. It’s vital for them to stay active and healthy, especially while on travel. And the guest room premium they pay is less for these guests who see missing a workout as too costly a price.

Fitness centers have long been standard for certain properties, but a couple of treadmills and a few weights in a small room aren’t going to meet today’s standards. Now is the time for the hospitality industry to introduce something exciting to guests. Resort fitness centers should be equipped with the latest tools, props, and equipment, aided by technology.

Traditionally resorts were used to having technology that guests didn’t have at home, but that has completely flipped. Some home technology has surpassed that of most resorts with on-demand wellness programs, subscription services to fitness routines, and the latest in-home exercise equipment. Resorts are trying to catch up. And it's necessary if resorts are to be an extension of guests’ lives when they’re on travel. And history tells us that guests are the change drivers, meaning wellness equipment and technology are quickly becoming standards that guests will expect next. Successfully bringing wellness trends into resorts also depends on the integration of technology with guests’ devices and their data. Integrating wellness apps with a guest’s device changes the concept of personalization altogether. Access to personalized fitness goals via their smart device will encourage positive experiences, and by extension, social reviews and ratings. Wellness initiatives are already reshaping guest satisfaction ratings, and it’s happening around the world in all areas of the hospitality experience.

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