3 Hospitality Organizations That Elevate Guest Service with Integrated Technology

Jun 11, 2018

Integrated technologies have become an important part of our everyday lives. It is now the norm that we can answer our mobile phones with a smart watch, and our GPS knows exactly where we need to go based on calendar appointments. In a hospitality operation, having integrated solutions can make a significant improvement to efficiency of service, guest satisfaction and the bottom line. Today we share three real-world examples of properties that have significantly improved staff productivity and guest service by using technology that works seamlessly together.

For Enterprise-wide POS Security

Hershey Entertainment and Resorts offers a variety of attractions, resorts and entertainment across their properties. They’re dedicated to delivering an exceptional guest experience at every turn. The management team faced some unique challenges with the need to scale their POS and payment processing in a way that would reduce enterprise-wide data security exposure for their nearly 500 terminals. Today, the resort uses a combination of a flexible and mobile point-of-sale system and a secure, PCI-validated payment gateway. These solutions work seamlessly together across the property’s multiple locations and now the staff can deliver an exceptional guest experience while reducing data risks, whether at a small snack cart inside the amusement park or at the Giants Center, home to the Hershey Bears Hockey League team.

For Innovative POS Service

The charming Saybrook Point Inn has a modern look-and-feel amid historic surroundings. The property is recognized in the industry as an early adopter of the latest hospitality technologies. The management team is passionate about delivering efficient, quality guest service and recently they adopted new technology that would serve more guests, whether poolside or at the Marina Bar. Selecting a mobile POS solution with offline capabilities and a secure, integrated payment solution, Saybrook Point Inn is bringing the most efficient service to guests across the property. These integrated solutions also interface with Saybrook’s existing property management system and together these technologies are helping service staff offer seamless experiences.

For Stability Across Multiple Locations

The Osage Tribe Gaming Enterprise Board operates seven casinos across Oklahoma, which have all been using tightly integrated solutions for their point-of-sale and payment gateway solutions for several years. Having realized the streamlined benefits with solutions that work better together and provide business performance visibility, the management team decided that their newest property would also have the same integrated technologies, including the addition of a property management system that interfaces with existing solutions. With a single point of contact for support and service, and a consistent experience across the enterprise, Osage Casino is equipped to deliver the best possible guest experience at their new Tulsa hotel.

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