Three Ways to Leverage the Power of Technology to Create a Seamless Guest Experience

Apr 30, 2018

Hospitality professionals have numerous opportunities to influence the guest experience. Understanding and controlling those opportunities has proven to lead to revenue growth and increased guest loyalty. Leveraging the power of innovative point-of-sale, property management and payment solutions brings a seamless experience at every point of interaction. Today, we’ve outlined a few examples of how innovative technology is influencing the guest experience across hospitality operations.

  1. Personalized Experience

At the front desk, a next-generation property management system ensures that staff immediately have the guest information and history in front of them, and can provide the best possible service with the help of the system’s 360-degree view of the guest. Integrating with the on-site point-of-sale system will ensure that the guest has an equally seamless experience across the property, feeling recognized and welcomed.

  1. Guest Convenience

When guests are enjoying the amenities on property, whether hanging at the pool, getting pampered at the spa or playing a round of golf, constant access to F&B or other purchase opportunities often reveals a previously untapped source of revenue. Staff can use a flexible point-of-sale system coupled with a secure payment solution to ensure that no opportunity to serve the guest is missed. Ordering, serving and paying poolside or on the course is a great way to show that the comfort of your guest is top priority.

  1. Going Cashless

Many properties are going cashless to increase data security and improve efficiency in their operational workflows. Travelers are carrying less cash to avoid the concerns of theft, or managing currency exchange. Credit cards are now the primary method of payment for many travelers. Offering your guests versatile, secure payment options ensures that the staff never have to turn away a guest for lacking the guest’s preferred payment method.

Today’s traveler has come to expect a seamless experience at every interaction. Making sure that each transaction is efficient and secure will go a long way to growing guest satisfaction. With the right combination of integrated technology, operators are accomplishing this, all while building guest loyalty and creating a competitive advantage.

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