Unify Your Hotel Technlogy to Unify the Guest Experience

Nov 14, 2017

One of the most important considerations among hotel owners and operators is the degree to which the hotel can automate functions that affect the quality of the guest experience. Streamlining guest interactions and operational efficiency is at the top of their priority list. Improving efficiency often translates to fewer guest inconveniences and better service overall.

PMS technology is at the core of it all. It’s the primary touch point staff use to manage the on-property guest experience. From enabling guest-facing activities to capturing and storing guest profile data, it helps staff curate and manage a seamless guest experience. The automation of many hotel operations falls squarely on the property management system (PMS).  It helps manage everything from reservations and rates, guest check-in and check-out, to room assignment and billing support.

More hoteliers are striving to have all their hospitality solutions work harmoniously together to support a frictionless guest experience. With a next-generation PMS, the movement to unify fragmented hotel systems is well underway. Next-generation PMS technology brings together fragmented data with robust APIs, in a natively-built, cloud-based central data store that unifies the data and experience across an enterprise of hospitality solutions. With APIs, it’s easy for these fragmented systems to work hand-in-hand with the PMS.  As a result, the PMS provides a unified view of the guest with real-time insights and guest patterns; insights that often influence current and future touch points and revenue opportunities. These data can be segmented into categories including guest, geography, social, spending habits and more. This real-time data is comprehensive and may be customized to enable hoteliers to make the most informed decisions that provide a seamless guest experience while growing the hotel’s bottom line.

Let’s face it, PMS technology must integrate and share data seamlessly throughout the enterprise. It provides a single conduit of information - a goldmine for hotel staff. The transition to a next-generation, integrated and flexible PMS technology won’t happen overnight, but having all the hotel’s systems working together seamlessly will make all the difference.

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