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Upselling + Mobile POS = Significant Revenue Lift at Restaurants

Feb 14, 2017

Whether they’re small or large, hundreds of locations or a single ‘Mom and Pop’ shop, service businesses are fundamentally the same. They need to provide exceptional guest service and it needs to be as efficient as possible for staff. What these businesses may not realize is that a modern POS (point-of-sale) system is actually designed to help them sell more.

While traditional POS systems are still widely used, mobile is becoming every popular. Mobile POS tablets enable transactions on the go. They offer numerous benefits to businesses, including the opportunity for service and sales staff to…well, sell more.

A study conducted by research firm, Software Advice™, uncovers how restaurants might be missing out on a substantial revenue opportunity. The study explains why restaurant owners should request mobile POS to help servers capitalize on guests. In a nutshell: They should upsell more often.  Why? The study data further indicates that a majority of customers are “moderately likely” or “very likely” to accept an upsell modification suggested by the server.

Mobile POS systems allow servers to engage guests in real time without the hustle and extra time often attributed to stationary POS systems. The outcome is extra time spent with the guest placing orders and, of course, more opportunity to offer and sell complementary menu items.

"It should come as no surprise to see tablets showing up in the restaurant world as they've been widely adopted in the consumer market. However, what is surprising are the benefits offered over the more traditional restaurant POS systems. Compared to legacy systems, they are affordable and easier to get started.

Another benefit of these systems gives servers the ability to be more mobile. Orders can be inputted, payments can be processed, and tables can be managed all without having to leave the floor.” 

- Justin Guinn, market researcher for restaurant management software consulting firm Software Advice

If you’re looking for a way to extend your guest service, chances are a mobile POS that replaces, or augments, your stationary solutions will result in a significant revenue lift. Some restaurants need only change how they’re using their existing systems in order to boost revenue with little to no investment.

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