What Luxury Really Means

Jun 10, 2019

Have you been enticed with promises of a “Luxury“ hotel experience only to find a tiny room with a view of the HVAC equipment and poor service staff? While there is no formula for defining a luxurious experience, there are some key elements that guests can look for to help ensure their high expectations are met or exceeded.

Exceptional Experience

In hospitality, the experience is the product, especially in the luxury category. Delivering an exceptional guest experience demands that the property place the needs of the guest at the center of every decision. It requires a holistic view of the guest and their preferences across all parts of the property, as well as leveraging that view in real-time to personalize each experience. It’s more than just knowing the guest’s name; it means knowing if they have stayed there before, what their amenity preferences are, and providing a warm personal interaction at every turn.

Physical Comfort

To be considered a true luxury property, a hotel must deliver deep physical comfort. Often properties get simple things wrong, providing dim lighting in the bath, for example, or sacrificing comfortable furnishings for the décor trend of the day. Also, comfort should extend to all areas of the property to ensure that guests feel cosseted in a luxury experience in every venue. Accommodations should be so comfortable that guests are excited to return to it.

Unique Character

Authentic luxury offers guests the chance to experience something that they can’t at home. Whether it’s a uniquely designed spa, easy access to a world-class beach or natural setting, or a highly-rated restaurant — perhaps all of the above. Ultimately there must be a reason to stay at a particular property that's compelling and provides an experience with unique character that isn’t easily replicated elsewhere.

True luxury is more than elegant accommodations, although that’s important, it’s about making each guest feel appreciated with a superior experience that represents luxury to them.

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