What Will 2019 Bring to Payments and Mobility?

Jan 18, 2019

Flexibility and convenience have become important attributes of an enjoyable purchasing experience — including the ordering and payment process. In 2019, guests will look for on-demand F&B purchasing options that don’t require them to download an app or stand in long lines. Guests want to place orders regardless of their location, and those who aren’t savvy smartphone users want more self-service options.

On-demand ordering will continue to become de-centralized, allowing managers to capture guest spend with increasing flexibility. Players on a golf course can scan a code on their golf cart (which has GPS) to purchase F&B items and have the order delivered wherever they are on the course. This is just one example of the many ways in which mobile ordering and payments will improve guest engagement well into the new year.

Those without smartphones are looking to self-service kiosks, which are expected to increase in popularity in 2019 and beyond. They can be moved around, allowing businesses to adjust kiosk locations to accommodate shifting guest traffic or special events. Leading POS kiosks feature a completely enclosed order placement and payment terminal, making them easy to deploy and cost-effective to maintain. Network improvements in the coming months will allow for easy mobile connectivity, helping operators maintain the necessary security requirements and consistent integration to their POS.

It all amounts to guest convenience. Hospitality operators want to give their guests more options that accelerate mobile purchasing. At the core of mobile ordering and payment is an intelligent, integrated POS (Point of Sale).

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