What’s Missing From the Average Spa Experience?

Jul 27, 2017

Amid the recession, the spa industry continued to grow. Younger generations had their first spa experience, and began making regular trips. Spa-goers became more mobile-minded, looking for ways to schedule express visits or slow down their day, on-demand, while feeling valued. Business at spas remained steady even during the deepest lulls of the Great Recession.

Because the modern spa-goer is always connected there is an unprecedented level of stress. The imbalance between work and personal life, combined with a 24/7 lifestyle, means more people are looking for that unique, tranquil spa experience. They’re slowly realizing the importance of a balanced life – body and mind. Ironically, while we appreciate the value of relaxation and rejuvenation, we tend to remain in a state of stress due to our general connected busy-ness. This is driving the demand for spa services to integrate seamlessly into their busy lifestyles. Modern technology makes it possible, with online appointment bookings, confirmations, updates and automated resource management. Beautiful facilities and elaborate menus alone aren’t enough to attract and create a loyal following.

The future of spa and wellness technology gives more attention to helping staff create individualized spa experiences.  With modern spa management technology, there’s more time to focus on developing a culture of peace and calm, an increasingly common need. Competition is tougher too. New spas are popping up all over, but only those offering personalized attention with seamless technology are reaping the rewards.

As technology evolves, it continues to offer more opportunity. New platforms, applications and tools are introduced to an industry that’s always embraced the latest trends. Still, spa management technologies aren’t all the same. Owners and managers are more carefully considering their choices, with special attention paid to solutions that provide more detail, but with less effort.

Guests expect convenience. They order food online, shop online, book travel online and are more likely to schedule their spa services online. The best way to attract them is to make booking simple and accessible.

The ideal spa technology will simplify the booking and confirmation processes, support personalized spa experiences for the individual guest, and optimize spa services, resources and revenue.

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