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What’s New for 2017: Trends that Create Quality Guest Experiences

Jan 10, 2017

Guest Expectations

Millennials have become the fastest growing guest segment within the hospitality industry. Service today must include enabling guests to be self-sufficient. However, it should also include the option to interact with a ‘live’ person with the added flexibility to supplement that interaction with technology.

Innovative and self-service technologies include mobile check-in and check-out, mobile payment processing, seamless connectivity across platforms and devices, and geo-based offers to name a small handful.  Every technology touch point can be a make-or-break experience, an opportunity to win or lose the repeat business that drives bottom-line performance.

Guest Analytics

Only recently has our industry began to fully leverage data analytics as a way to understand what guests crave most. Hotels and resorts are uniquely able to gather profile data through the many sources of interaction whether on or off property. 

It’s about revealing trends that would not otherwise be visible and keeping it as simple as possible to manage. Availability of data and reports should be easy. A solution that offers a dashboard view of performance metrics keeps it simple.

Whether integrating with a PMS, a POS, or both, a single tool helps to streamline analyses, and IT enables the business in making this data available for greater customer intimacy and anticipation of returning guest needs.

Guest Security

Security doesn’t have to impede adoption of new technologies. The cloud service model allows for tighter control over access points between the guest and service provider, and reduces concerns associated with on-property equipment and data vulnerabilities.

Employee training is also critical. Guest data crosses your entire network. Hotels that regularly exercise security controls with ongoing communication and staff training will significantly minimize their risk of a data breach.

Upon rollout, conducting a pilot is essential to not only proving technical feasibility, but also demonstrating credible security for other departments and data affected by the deployment. 

Guest Service

Hotels are able to satisfy their ROI while improving their ability to meet the needs of all guests by leveraging mobile POS technology. With mobile POS, guests place orders more frequently as a result of servers being more accessible. Venues with service areas where attention to guests may be impacted by a lack of adequate area coverage, such as pools, convention areas, golf courses or bars, are reporting a more than 70% lift in revenue with a mobile POS technology. At the same time reportedly, there is an increase in guest and staff satisfaction, as well as staff tip sizes.

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