Which Technologies Make Life Easier for Hoteliers?

Oct 29, 2019

Just in the past few years, there have been a lot of changes that affect how PMS integrations work. These changes impact the overall productivity and bottom line for hoteliers, but knowing which technologies to integrate with is not as critical as knowing the specific functionality of each integration. Here are some PMS technology integrations that are designed to make life easier:

Modern booking tools allow for real-time data synching using two-way integration. What that means for operators is anytime changes are made to a reservation in the web booking engine, the updated reservation data is immediately reflected in the PMS. Two-way booking integration makes things easier because the guest data that’s entered when a reservation is booked or modified automatically synchronizes with the PMS. And today, information such as flight arrival and other details help hoteliers anticipate guest flow – such as VIP arrivals or special room requests. When the booking and PMS systems talk to each other, hoteliers are better able to plan for guest arrivals.

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Security is also a priority, especially when it comes to payment integrations. How credit card data are handled and stored and how PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is secured are equally critical especially with the current GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance requirements and other upcoming privacy acts like the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act). The PMS should be fully supported with payment tokenization and validated P2PE (point-to-point encryption) for every transaction.

Mobility has also changed the paradigm of interactions with guests. PMS on handheld tablets are at the forefront of driving personalized guest experiences, whether that means being greeted by name upon arrival or acknowledging their return visit. Mobile PMS also gives managers the ability to access their business on the go. They can view operational reports and house stats anywhere, anytime. Mobile tablets also make it possible to assign rooms without having to be at the front desk, forever changing the hotel lobby experience.

There are so many direct guest touchpoints that integrate with the PMS and make a hotelier’s life easier. When it comes to satisfying guests, each integration should support the guest’s experiences on-property and manifest as positive reviews, repeat visitors, and increased spending.

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