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Why Operators Should Consider Kiosks

Dec 05, 2016

Kiosks not only connect guests to more products, they also contribute to the overall brand and stay experience.  Through kiosk interactions, guests are building a relationship with the property’s products and services, which in turn increases revenue for the business.

As automation tools and kiosks continue to advance in functionality and reliability, operators should expect to see significant ROI soon after deployment. Building guest loyalty, reducing costs, saving time, maximizing sales and building brand exposure are all compelling reasons operators should consider expanding some of their workflows to self-service kiosks.

Kiosks are inevitable – they are expected to have an increasing presence that supplements hospitality experiences, bringing enormous benefits. Those benefits often include:

  • Labor cost savings
  • Reduced line-ups
  • Increased guest engagement
  • Streamlined data entry and management
  • Greater analytics accuracy regarding effectiveness of promotions
  • Mobile integration with reduced technical complexity
  • Extended access to reach more guests

While self-service kiosks play an ever-increasing role in guests’ lives, the functions those kiosks perform are also expanding. Combined with newer technology that includes smartphone apps and cloud-based information storage, kiosks are able to provide services which were previously unheard of and are now available virtually anywhere your guests prefer to be.

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