Your Next Meal May Be Right on Your Phone

Feb 28, 2019

Smart devices have helped resort venues gain exposure. Over the years, dining has transitioned to become a digital experience. This year, it’s predicted that you will be just as likely to order and pay for meals without stepping inside the restaurant or calling room service. Resort and hotel guests enjoy ordering on a mobile device and receiving their meal, often with limited human interaction.

Order-ahead and location-based delivery are also new trends. Hotels are finding that providing digital ordering services on guests’ personal devices promotes engagement, whether it be order management or simply providing incentives to dine at the hotel restaurant.

Travelers often want to eat like locals. They’re looking for local fare and authentic experiences. It can be a challenge for hoteliers if they’re not offering this local experience through digital engagement. Using a rich web-based tool, guests can be invited to access the hotel’s dining options via the text messaging system or perhaps by scanning a QR Code that might be available in the guest’s room. Guests don’t have to go through the effort of downloading and installing a special app, reviewing the in-room dinning menu booklet, or locating the in-house restaurant’s web page. This makes it simple to quickly access a dining venue, place an order, and receive a delivery at a specified time or pick it up.

For the hotelier, uncomplicated menu-management tools in smart phone ordering make it easy to expose menus to more guests, complete with branding and imagery. The hotelier can customize the guest experience and as orders are placed, they arrive at the kitchen in the form of a printed or digital order where they are then fulfilled and delivered to guests.

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