3 Ways To Optimize Front-Office Hospitality Operations

Oct 15, 2018

Is your front-of-the-house not yet operating on autopilot?  Are guests waiting longer than necessary at the front desk? Do even the simplest tasks seem to take longer than necessary? Hospitality businesses are increasing by the numbers and the frequency of visitors is steadily growing, making it more challenging to provide quality, expedient service to every guest. Finding ways to overcome those challenges will result in a streamlined front-office that ensures every guest interaction is optimal. Not sure where to start? Today we highlight three areas that increase front-of-the-house efficiency by streamlining back-of-the-house tasks.

Automated Record Management
Manually maintaining documents is a time-consuming process that is prone to human error. Documentation is the backbone of your back-office administration which is why managers are implementing comprehensive document management systems that help transform and automate these important but time-consuming tasks. A document management system makes it easier for staff to keep their focus on serving guests, tending to their requests and increasing overall productivity while also promoting environmental stewardship.

Intelligent Services and Amenities
Resort amenities are becoming more popular, across all demographics of guests. Take spa services for example; they not only give guests an often much-needed opportunity to relax and unwind, these same services are the very essence of hospitality and help ensure your resort is remembered fondly. Behind the scenes however, there is a tremendous amount of detail and forethought that goes into managing the spa. It often helps provide more intelligent guest service, in particular when combined into the resort’s property management system (PMS). Without this important integration, spa and other resort activities can become so complicated that the guest experience suffers. Managers turn to industry-leading, integrated spa software that seamlessly manages treatment bookings and therapist schedules. In return, they’re creating an intelligent activities management process that practically runs itself.

Optimized F&B Inventory
If you have food and beverage outlets at your resort, then you already know how much food waste and labor costs can make or break the bottom line. The balancing act of keeping just the right menu items stocked coupled with creating satisfied guests is yet another challenge for our growing industry.  With a an accurate restaurant inventory management system, managers leverage real-time data to ensure they always have an exact forecast demand. Any size operation is sure to save time and money by accurately managing their F&B menu items, costs, recipes, consumption and more. Having accurate inventory items and quantities, without having to make assumptions - that’s how to keep the back-office running smoothly so the restaurant performs optimally.

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