Connecting More Resorts to Their Guests with an Omnichannel Strategy

Aug 02, 2019

Although service is a core tenet of hospitality, a report by Revenue Strategy Summit indicates that a lack of sufficient service delivery has resulted in more than 50% of negative guest reviews. The booking experience has evolved radically. Still, the state of communication inside resorts has not undergone the same level of innovation over the past ten years. Most rely on analog communications, while others use disparate systems or costly devices, such as radios – all which lead to disjointed service delivery. In most cases, the channels used for guest-to-staff and staff-to-staff communications do not leverage some of the newest methods available today. Channels that guests and staff can get from other industries – such as ride-share or food delivery services. It instead transpires over an assorted mix of disconnected manual, outdated tech, and proprietary solutions. The current service delivery challenges are the result of years of independent decisions that addressed localized departmental needs with the limited solutions that were available at the time.

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As modern platforms adjust guest expectations for service delivery, resorts must adapt or risk becoming vulnerable to business disruption. To solve these service and workflow challenges, some resorts find that bringing their systems together helps to create a more connected experience. Resorts employing an omnichannel strategy can streamline staff workflows with new advantages like hands-free communications and real-time notifications. In doing so, resorts are connecting to their guests and delivering service levels void of friction.

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