Creating Amazing Guest Engagement with Restaurant POS

Jun 05, 2018

Digital guest engagement is a top tech priority for restaurants this year. As demand for online ordering grows, so has the need for restaurants to find solutions that allow guests to browse menus, select options and pay for their orders online. A web-enabled menu allows orders to be placed instantly, say for a favorite glass of chardonnay, and have it in the guest’s hand shortly after their arrival. Or maybe the guest is short on time and wants an appetizer dropped quickly. Enhanced digital interaction is possible with progressive technology. When it comes to guest engagement, the future is digital.

The future is digital, but where does that leave guest data analytics?

Another strategic initiative for 2018, the industry is positioning data and intelligence as an important asset. It’s being viewed on par with capital assets that are necessary for day-to-day operations. To leverage analytics as a source of business growth, operators must manage their POS data in the same manner as other corporate assets.

Leveraging POS data frees restaurant managers from spreadsheets and allows them to focus on serving guests and take appropriate actions based on the guest profile data. To get started, approach business analysis with two distinct, but parallel paths. Both data paths are derived from the modern POS system.

  1. Guests Analytics focuses on data that drives guest recruitment, similar to web-enabled menus. Guest Analytics data refines marketing offers based on historical patterns, enhances service, and helps provide a personalized experience for each guest.
  2. Business Analytics drive more efficient and profitable operations. This includes data that reveals theft activity and provides a foundation for focusing loss prevention efforts.

Allowing the guest to order where, when and how they want helps improve overall engagement, while a smart guest engagement strategy leverages a two-pronged approach with guest profile data from the POS. Restaurant managers and owners are finding new ways to generate quality guest interactions, ways that enable the guest to make the dining experience all their own. They’re also looking to leverage more from their existing POS and Reservations technologies by way of data analytics. Both initiatives are proving successful to drive guest engagement with repeat visits and deliver personalized service.

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