Hotel Guest Peeves with Surprisingly Easy Fixes

Sep 06, 2019

Ever wonder what circumstance may have ticked off your last guest? It’s quite possibly more trivial than you may expect. Executive Travel, a professional travel management services organization, has published its Annual Top 10 Hotel Pet Peeves.

At the top of the list of items that guests loathe are rooms with only one electrical outlet available to travelers who carry at least two devices, usually more, which need to recharging overnight. A single plug-in at the desk leaves guests scrounging for a ‘hidden’ outlet elsewhere in the room that isn’t otherwise occupied by lamps or an alarm clock. Fewer lamps or a more accessible outlet (not hidden behind the bed) can save guests the frustration of unplugging the alarm clock or remembering to repack all their ‘hidden’ cables.

Resort fees also give guests some frustration, and often there is little explanation as to what benefits are covered by the charges. Is it for the morning paper, parking, access to the fitness center, or Wi-Fi?  The report from Executive Travel argues that Wi-Fi should be a complimentary part of the hospitality experience.  If your hotel charges resort fees, consider providing some detail upon arrival - either verbal or written - about guests get when paying the fees. Another consideration is to allow guests to opt-out should they not require any the services covered by resort fees.

Also topping the list of peeves is telephones with 500, hard-to-read buttons. Guests find it easier to use their personal device to call the hotel front desk than using the bedside phone. However, very soon room phones are expected to be replaced with in-room tablets or AI, such as Alexa or Google Home. This technology will allow guests to submit a request for virtually anything – housekeeping, maintenance, in-room dining, and late check-out, without having to pick up the bedside phone every time. And resorts can also receive guest requests via the staff's mobile and wearable tech.

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