Part 3 - How to Get More Guests at Your Restaurant: Understanding the Guest Lifecycle

Mar 20, 2018

In this final of our three-part series, we uncover the last steps of the Guest Lifecycle. First, we established that the guest’s dining experience begins well before he or she ever enters your restaurant. It often begins online. Part two outlined the next stages in the lifecycle: how when personalized guest service is provided, the guest is happy to spend a bit more. Today, we’ll explore the final steps and identify ways operators are leveraging this knowledge to attract and keep more business.

  1. Guests Share Their Dining Experiences

More than any marketing program, loyalty program or casino management system, guest satisfaction impacts business reputations and future traffic. Studies show that one positive review influences three new future patrons, while a negative review is shown to influence as many as ten prospective guests. Operators should by all means use marketing programs, loyalty programs and casino management systems to curate enhanced experiences, but recognize the power of social media and reputation management to influence traffic. Popular ways social media is used today in hospitality:

  • Post and share pictures and videos
  • Promote special offers
  • Enable location-sharing and check-in
  1. Positive Reviews Create More Guests

Tables – or lounge chairs, slot machines, etc. – are perishable commodities. After a party leaves, it’s in the best interest of the next guest to turn the table around as fast as possible. In larger, busy establishments, technology plays an important role here. Automated table status updates with table management and POS integration drive faster table turns, manager alerts and improved floor management.

Predictive analytics provide insightful data both after-the-fact and in-the-moment leveraging trends, and segment performance data or anomalies based on staff, shift, day-of-week or even seasons. Guest satisfaction, not to mention cost efficiency, is improved with these valuable predictive analytics that result from having a good handle on social reviews as well as guest expectations.

…and The Guest Lifecycle Repeats

Today, we uncovered the final points along the guest lifecycle and the important decisions made by guests before, during and after they have visited your restaurant. Understanding and leveraging these insights is having a transformative outcome in gaining guest confidence. And as we look to the future, additional technologies will lead to even more opportunities to delight guests.

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