HR Automation Opportunities That Should Not Be Ignored

Sep 03, 2019

Ask any hotel manager, and they will tell you that they don’t spend enough time on HR. At the same time, they will champion employees as one of their most valuable assets. HR automation tools can help hotels and resorts realize that assertion without devoting additional time to the job. Due to budget and time constraints, many hospitality organizations are stuck using outdated processes that keep them from excelling. From limited service and independents to large chains, the industry is constantly looking for opportunities to grow.  While HR isn’t usually the first place companies look to streamline processes, perhaps it should be.

Few departments juggle as many duties or manage as much information as Human Resources. The last thing that any organization wants is to spend hours maintaining and securing documents related to sensitive employee information. Not only is HR process automation the right thing to do, but it is also a meaningful way to lay the foundation for an efficient hospitality enterprise. Here are some automation benefits for a better-organized company:

Streamlined Recruitment during the hiring process means hospitality organizations are better equipped to receive and organize applicants. Managing the top candidates save the hassle of tracking everything manually.

Performance Evaluations are more than annual meetings between supervisor and employee; the objectives discussed in those meetings are monitored and revisited throughout the year. HR teams and managers can share documents to gauge ongoing performance, annotating, and saving periodic notes to prepare both managers and employees for their next conversation.

Digital Document Handling makes HR teams more productive. Filled with tons of paperwork – legal, healthcare, performance assessments, taxes, and other labor-related events make for tedious document management and storage. In this era of modernization, electronically managing pertinent documents brings hospitality organizations some much-needed relief and keeps employee data secure.

While it may be tempting to choose the highest-rated or the least-expensive solution, resorts should look for technology that helps automate recruitment, performance evaluations, employee data, and frees up HR staff to better engage their employees.

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