Increase Productivity 21.3% by Reducing the Paper Flow

Aug 20, 2019

Most organizations do not leverage the power of e-documents – a potentially missed opportunity to supercharge the company’s productivity. According to a global survey of workers and IT professionals conducted by IDC, and published in business.com, managing paper documents is a significant efficiency obstruction – accounting for as much as 21.3% in lost productivity. When team members can’t locate the paper documents they need, it adds up to significant losses.

Adopting an integrated system that enables teams to create, send, collaborate, store, and manage all documents will help recoup productivity losses. A digital solution allows businesses to organize, access, add, annotate, and capture your documents from anywhere at any time. Many have built-in search capabilities, which helps team members locate materials even faster.

As a first step, take the time to evaluate the existing processes for creating and managing information, including contracts, events, guest transactions, human resources, and procurement. While every organization will have a slightly different approach to document management, we've summarized a list of critical areas to start.

Front Desk – streamline check-in with digital registration cards, fast ID verification, automate Night Audit Reports and guest waiver processes

Procurement – retrieve required documents, such as POD, Worksheets, RFPs and supplier bids quickly and securely with the press of a button

Accounts Payable – capture Proof of Delivery, Purchase Orders and Invoices to quickly create a 3-way match and speed up your approval process

Human Resources – electronically manage, organize and secure your employee records

Centralizing and digitizing documents and processes helps rid the business of clutter while creating more room for the organization to grow. Reducing paper documentation saves time, helps reduce unessential team member effort, and makes the business eco-friendly.

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