Linking to Technology for Remarkable Guest Experiences

May 23, 2019

Hospitality is about creating a memorable impression with guests. It’s much more than just offering a room – checking people in and checking them out.  Are your operations functioning at a level that allows you to efficiently fulfill guest requests? To help make that happen, technology can give you an extraordinary amount of data about guests and, consequently, a leg up on the competition. A cloud-based PMS is one such tool that helps resorts provide the most comfortable, welcoming experiences. Resort staff can record data on guest preferences: details about in-room dining, retail purchases or spa amenities. It’s this collection of data that allows you to anticipate guest needs and provide service levels that make their stay memorable.

How well is the integrated experience tailored to your guest journey models?  Remember that guests are not just visiting your property for the guest room. Ideally, you’re selling unique experiences via your direct booking site with an intuitive interface and exciting imagery. Or perhaps you offer mobile check-in to increase efficiency and limit any potential for friction during check-in and check-out processes. There are many advanced hospitality technology choices that can help you take guest service to the next level.

It’s also important to keep thinking about how your property might appeal to younger generations. Updating your technology to better suit a tech-savvy population will help your property stand out as a forward-thinking brand. Before bringing on new technology, be sure it’s user-friendly for people of all ages. Keeping the user experience simple and intuitive for guests and staff will encourage more people to use it while elevating your brand.

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